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To deliver your aligners on the same day, our professionals use scanners, complex software, and high resolution printers to get you started on the smile you’ve always wanted

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1. Get Scanned or take an x-ray at one of our locations

An on-site professional will assist you in creating an incredibly accurate three dimensional model of your smile

2. Leave it to us

Our team of professionals will figure out exactly what treatment path is right for you, and your treatment will be approved and supervised by a licensed doctor in our network. Then, we will use high definition on-site printers to create the first sets of your treatment so you can get started right away.

3. Get started with your aligners just an hour after you walked in

You’re done going to offices or waiting around! Enjoy your aligners and show them off the same day you had your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the treatment take?

The average treatment duration with the Zmiles aligner system is 4-6 months.

How does Zmiles work?

Zmiles is an alternative to traditional braces designed to straighten your teeth using a custom-made 3D printed set that moves the teeth gradually into a desired position. They are removable, barely noticeable, and painless.

Is my treatment overseen by a licensed orthodontist?

Yes! An orthodontist will not only approve your treatment but also map out the diagnostics for your treatment to ensure that your smile is as beautiful as it can be.

What makes Zmiles better?

Zmiles delivers your treatment on the same day compared to other aligners companies that make you wait 4-6 weeks to receive it. Simply visit our office, get scanned in 5 minutes, and receive your treatment within an hour. With Zmiles, smile more and pay less. We offer your aligner treatment for a single payment of $1500 compared to the current price of $2050 by SDC or the average price of $5200 by Invisalign, or choose a payment plan that fits your needs.

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